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Rain in Bali, Indonesia

posted Jul 18, 2012, 4:53 AM by Milan Crnogorac
For the last 4 weeks we have been traveling through SouthEast Asia. We started our trip in Singapore. We stayed there for few days headed north to Thialand. We stayed on the small island Koh Yao Yai off Phuket. Resort was lovely, people very friendly and atmosphere relaxing. We took an island hoping tour, and admired limestone islands coming out of Andaman sea.

Next we went north, to a town of Chiang Mai. It is a major city in the northern Thailand (close to the border of Burma). We saw many temples and villages with native Lana culture (a.k.a Longnecks). The nature was spectacular - like a scene from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Lots of rainforest and mountains engulfed in etherical fog. In a small village (Pai), we fed, rode, and bathed with the elephants. Boys were quite fond of animals and we went back the next day to feed them.

After that, we went to Bangkok for 2 days. The city is huge (12 million people) and resembles L.A. (organized chaos;-). We took public boat along the river and visited King's old palace. Weather was very humid and hot. We had a lot of street food, and walked the Chinatown. Dragana did not care for the hassle and bustle of a bug city.

Next stop was Nusa Lembongan (small island off Bali). Lots of snorkeling, great weather, suntanning, and I went for my first deep dive. Dive master said I did well considering it was the first time. I wend down to 16 meters and saw some amazing fish and corals. I saw sea snake (like in a Nature documentary). I was quite impressed with all the fish in the sea. The best part is that the coral and tropical fish is just off the beach. You swim for 10 meters and encounter the most amazing sea life.

We are back in Bali at Ubud. The first day here and it is pouring rain. We are staying 200 meters from famous Monkay forest. Waiting for rain to stop to the embark on the next adventure...